Character Creation

Creating a character on Old Guard…

Hey there, and welcome to Old Guard!

Before you can start to play on our server, you will need to be whitelisted by our ever-helping staff.  To spare yourself some waiting time and back and forth you’ll find a lot of information in the following articles below!

Whitelist Application:

To start your whitelist application process, join our discord server, and go through the double-counter to gain access to our ‘Getting Started’ section.  This will relay most rules, but will also have the ‘Whitelist Application‘ link that brings you to said channel.  (Linked here as well for ease of use.) 

Before whitelisting for our server, there is a rubric with all of the information that is required to figure out what special character you wish to create on Old Guard.  You will find all of the information for character creation under the Rerolling and Class change rules below.


.Grace Period Reroll: 

Upon character creation, you are allowed to change your Class, Dice stats, Profession, or Race within the first 10 days of a character of choice.
– This can be used only once per season, per person. We provide a grace period in case the character concept is not what you thought it would be. 

After the end of your grace period, if you have not used the above-mentioned changes, you will not be able to reroll your character for 14 days.  Death is an exception to this rule, but should not be abused, and will start your 14-day reroll timer on the day of Death.   

Reroll Token: 

Every player is able to use their reroll option once every 14 days to either shelf or retire their character.  This option may be used at any point, after the new character grace period, in their playtime on our server as long as the character isn’t in any conflict OR storyline RP with others.

If Staff is told they are not in conflict the reroll goes through, and we find out we were advised incorrectly, a formal warning will be issued.  If it is determined that this was done intentionally, a strike will be issued in its place, and the character will be forfeited, retired, and the conflict resolved with their death.

Once that option is used, it will be marked on the players’ whitelist that they have rerolled and a 14 day timer will be started.  You will be asked at the time of reroll if you are retiring or shelving your character.  You are only permitted 2 shelving spaces (Unless extra slots are granted due to donor ranks).  The player will not be permitted to reroll again until those 14 days are up. 

“If your character is killed in the game you may reroll or you may bring back a shelved Character.”  This is a one-time exception. If you are constantly getting killed and rerolling, the situation will need to be evaluated.  If staff gets evidence that you had your character killed to avoid consequences, or just to bring back a shelved character without waiting out your 14 days,  your character whitelist will be removed.  On top of that, you will have to wait out the remainder of your 14-day period with no character in play.


Resurrection follows normal reroll rules, and so resurrection cannot happen until 14 days after the character‘s death. If a character is resurrected, either before or after those 14 days, they will be put on your shelf and can be rerolled into once you‘re eligible for a reroll. the character would  ICly be ‘recovering‘ in that time, and unable to communicate until they wake up (The reroll is complete).

Class Reroll Token:

Along with the seasonal 14-day character reroll token, you may have a once-a-season Class Reroll Token. This token only allows you to change your character‘s class.  Mastery for your previous class will not carry over.


Shelving – Place your character on one of your 2 available shelving spaces. You can expand your shelving space through donations.  Even if you perma your new character, you cannot remove a shelved character till the 14 days are concluded. 

Retired – Once a character is retired it is gone.

Class/Subclass Change:

DM tokens can also be used in lieu of the RP requirements for some character changes! These changes share the seasonal limitations of the normal ways of obtaining them. You may mix-and-match RP and DM Tokens. To use any of the below please open a DM ticket and indicate which you want 🙂

– If you’d like to use DM tokens for mastery, you may! 1 token = 1 mastery credit (6 mastery credits needed for mastery)
– If you’d like to use DM tokens for a class change, you may! 1 token = 1 hour of unmastered class training (3 total needed. You will lose your mastery if you use any coins to class-change)
– If you’d like to use DM tokens for a subclass change, you may! 1 token = 1 hour of subclass change RP (2 needed for change. If you are a master already, you will retain mastery)
– If you’d like to use DM tokens for profession change, you may! 1 token = profession change (1 needed)

Class Change: This is done through RP just like the Mastery, you will lose a previous Mastery, this takes 3 sessions at least 1 hour in length, and at least 20 hours apart. This may only be done once per character per season. Does not have to be a master for class change. If the class change is done by a Master and the person changing class is already a Master then they will retain their Mastery with the change. YOUR TRAINER(S) MUST BE OF THE CLASS YOU ARE TRYING TO CHANGE TO.

Sub Class Change: At least 2 hours of training, can be done as a straight two hours or broken down into hour or 30-minute sessions with someone of the subclass you wish to change to, back and forth interchange showing a reason for the change of class. Again this is once per character per season. YOUR TRAINER(S) MUST BE OF THE SUBCLASS YOU ARE TRYING TO CHANGE TO.

Profession Change:  One session 1 hour long with back and forth on changes in the new profession deciding why it is better than the one you have.

If you are a ranger: Read all about your favored enemy

If you are a paladin: Find a fitting oath here
If you are a druid: Choose your druid forms with this list!  

 ((Last updated:  2.9.2024))

The Race

The race defines most and foremost your heritage in DnD. While every race comes with certain benefits, some races also include boons or banes to consider. However the most important angle on choosing your race is the unique point of view they’re inhabiting while exploring the wilderness and cities around them.

The Class

Classes in DnD are like fields of expertise and specialisation. But they are so much more. Many classes are more like a way of life than mere jobs and while most characters are ready to explore the world, there are some fundamental differences in how a fighter or barbarian will discover the worlds wonders and how a bard or a wizard will do the very same.

The Profession

Professions like arcanist or beast tamer are your day to day job. While every profession needs much time to master them, most of them are also bound to specific materials that are found in the world or traded with other guild members. Since pursuing a profession is so time consuming every character usually has only one.

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